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Hyperloop pod

How to implement Hyperloop technology in Europe? Part 1

Hyperloop is an emergent transportation technology, whose implementation will significantly reduce travel duration and expenditure. Within the European Union, this technology is expected to achieve travel times between any two cities in under three hours and at a price below €100. In Europe a number of teams are currently working hard on the technical aspects of […]

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Science of innovation – is it real?

It is fascinating to me that the business world marvels at creative approach to innovation: using a method of trial and error, a culture that encourages to accept failures. I know that the real reason behind it is to stimulate people to think and generate ideas, but at the same time these people say that […]

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Case study: How to know what customer will want

Last year our partner from Poland received a request from their client, one of the major utility companies in Poland. This company serves millions of households and companies with energy and accompanying products. They needed help in launching a new website and planned to conduct a traditional market research in order to analyze what customers […]

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