Romans did not create the Empire by attending meetings

Have you ever wondered, how much time at work is spent in different kinds of meetings? Team meetings, project meetings, ad-hoc meetings … Sometimes, after all day of back-to-back meetings, you still have to do some real work after hours and starting the next day by summarizing and thinking over the previous one. Therefore, there is no time left for creative and conceptual work.

All these meetings that we participate in during a work day have different objectives: sometimes we just need to find out what is happening in the team, very often, however, we need to find a solution to a problem. The latter are aimed at achieving specific objective. If you have a closer look at such meetings, it turns out to be a very time-consuming and complex process, full of pitfalls:

  • First, finding a time and place (may be virtual) that would suit all participants often takes a few days.
  • When the meeting begins, it turns out that a significant part of the time is wasted on introductions, waiting for latecomers, small talk, summaries and paraphrasing, in a word – everything that people need to sustain relations . It will help people feel good, but it also consumes a lot time that they could use more efficiently.
  • When meetings are held virtually using a conferencing device, a very common obstacle may be technology: you cannot hear, cannot present, some people see your screen, others can not.
  • Add to this the problems of a personality nature: the most expansive personality can dominate a meeting and impose his or her vision on others. Those who prefer to sit on the side and not get involved, will not contribute, although in reality might have a lot of valuable ideas. Presence of a boss can also suppress ideas generation process.
  • Finally, meetings distract us from day-to-day tasks and with repeated interruptions our productivity drops dramatically.

Would it not be good if we could avoid those disadvantages and get the results by devoting only 15 minutes at a convenient time of the day?


It is possible. For over 20 years we have been designing and implementing innovative solutions for companies and institutions from small to the largest. We conducted a lot of business transformations, solved hundreds of problems, using a variety of tools, including the ones we created.


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That’s why in Q2 of 2017 we will be pleased to present you the TeamStormer software, which is designed to make purposeful meetings extremely easy. If you want to know how it works even now, please visit  or contact us directly. We are happy to answer all your questions

Wojciech is a COO of Invinsys. He has 10 years of experience in management consulting and project management. His has managed large, international innovation projects for various corporations. In addition to innovation, he has experience in quality improvement and change management. Wojciech is a co-author of Guide to General Theory of Innovation.

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