Author: Wojciech Ozimek

He is the Head of Business Development and Marketing at Invinsys, a GTI Innovation consultant and trainer and a Co-author of the Guide to the General Theory of Innovation. He led departments of corporate communications, worked as a Spokesman, a Project Manager and a Business Analyst in various sectors: IT, non-governmental organizations, architecture. He has passion for solving complex challenges .

Science of innovation – is it real?

It is fascinating to me that the business world marvels at creative approach to innovation: using a method of trial and error, a culture that encourages to accept failures. I know that the real reason behind it is to stimulate people to think and generate ideas, but at the same time these people say that […]

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Case study: How to know what customer will want

Last year our partner from Poland received a request from their client, one of the major utility companies in Poland. This company serves millions of households and companies with energy and accompanying products. They needed help in launching a new website and planned to conduct a traditional market research in order to analyze what customers […]

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